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We have more than 10 years of experience in market research and content creation for businesses. This longevity helps us understand what most of our clients are looking for.

We offer you a way out of multiple stacks of paperwork in crunch time. You just need to reach out to us at any time. Our team of experts will go through your documentation to recommend more successful strategies for improvement. Impulse-Research focuses on making sure that their clients attain the highest peaks of their expected targets. We will help you in your quest for perfection. specializes in the following services:

  • Market Intelligence: We provide a centralized platform for gathering data from internal and external sources. This extensive coverage helps us to develop a more comprehensive understanding of profitable business policies for your company.
  • Media monitoring and analysis: We help you go through your social media policies and outreach campaign to determine the weak points. We also suggest healthier social media outreach programs targeted toward a specific audience.
  • Strategic analysis: We also help our clients position their resources to maximize productivity. With our data analysis experience, we will help you come up with new strategies for your business to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Intelligence development: We will help you gather information on the strategies of industry leaders in your field, and suggest ways of measuring up to them.

Why Us

We are different

We do not believe in taking half-measures to achieve set goals. Our teamsters dedicate their time and effort to providing the ultimate business strategy for your company. Before we start strategizing, our team of researchers goes through your company's goals and aspirations to discover the best ways to boost your positioning. This same level of diligence goes into the simplest of tasks at Impulse-Research.

Real-time communication of ideas

Whenever you need to get in contact with our research experts, you can contact our support team at any time of the day. You can also ask for clarification and ask for the progress of the process. Our support team can communicate with you via mail or telephone, depending on what you prefer.

Personalized strategies

Impulse-Research will only come up with a strategy that suits your company’s goals and policies. We will always factor in the budget and ethos of the business when conducting our research.