The Impulse Clinics

The Impulse Clinics

  • Are a source of relevant information available to decision-makers in the fields of design, development and marketing.
  • Support the creativity of designers, developers and marketing strategists and in no way stifle creativity and innovation
  • Depict respondents’ reactions to a prototype not due to be launched until several years after a clinic not on a 1:1 basis but provide careful interpreted results and directly applicable  recommendations for action.

Methods, procedures, sample

Impulse Clinics are always set up in a way that allows the integration of all qualitative and quantitative methods and procedures.

One also has a ‘free hand’ in designing the sample in order to achieve samples of ideal size and composition.

Selected example:
Impulse Product Improvement Clinic

  • Generation of ideas and concrete suggestions for optimising the overall product or individual product features (design, function, handling) based on the expectations and experiences of actual and potential customers
  • Registration of all relevant motives
  • Critical appraisal of new (product) ideas from the client

Driver Diary Method

Product Improvement Clinics offer an excellent opportunity to use the ‘Driver Diary Method’.

Here the respondents are provided with a pre-prepared online diary 2 – 3 weeks prior to the clinic, in which they are asked to enter everything they experience with the product on a daily basis (using photos, audios, videos), along with any suggestions for improvement.

This method is a helpful means of appreciating any annoying aspects or problems encountered during day-to-day handling of the vehicle which otherwise often go unvoiced.


Due to the complexity of this procedure, we can provide only key data in this document.

If you are interested, we would be more than happy to send you our detailed description of the procedure  or configure a clinic tailored to your requirements and indicating the time and cost factors.