Impulse offers a broad spectrum of innovative methods ranging from new ways of analysing routine data through self-developed research techniques down to effectively combined methodologies.


We constantly advance our research approaches to achieve maximum efficiency at all times. See under 'Products' to find examples of how we put these basic principles into practice.

Our special strength lies in the integrative mix of qualitative and quantitative methods.

For you this means:

  • One-stop availability of answers concerning magnitude, distribution, correlations ('how much-questions') as well as explanatory approaches and description of motivational backgrounds ('why-questions').
  • A designated contact person (research manager) supervises your project throughout – from initial analysis of the research required through finding the optimal method mix down to analysis and preparation of the results.

The following provides a brief outline of our methods. Contact us directly for details.


Individual critical appraisal

  • In-depth psychological explorations
  • Face-to-face semi-structured and structured interviews

Group sessions

  • Focus groups
  • Impulse Creative Groups
  • Impulse ConceptLabs


Multivariate analysis procedures

  • Procedures to reveal underlying structures, e.g. cluster analysis or factor analysis
  • Procedures to test underlying structures, e.g. regression analysis

Special procedures

  • Determination of the optimal price
  • Conjoint measurement (full-profile, adaptive and choice-based)