Jürgen Häussler presents the Panel Discussion on the
World Mobility Summit 2016:
'MOBILITY 4.0: Electric, connected and autonomous'.
Munich, 19 October, 2016

Urban Mobility with e-bike / pedelec / s-pedelec

Due to the current traffic situation in large cities, bicycles are now becoming a more attractive alternative.


What role can the e-bike play here?
What factors can contribute to the sustainable success of the e-bike in (large) cities?
How can the players in the industry establish the e-bike as a practical and yet cool and trendy means of getting around?
How can a coherent overall concept consisting of product, distribution and aftersales be established?

We answered this and more at the World Mobility Summit during the eCarTec 2015.

Presentation in pdf format:

Jürgen Häussler: Urban mobility – success factors for the electric bike


A selection of our research topics so far:

From electric bike to human hybrid | Smart urban mobility with the e-Bike |
Case Study e-Bike dealer: sustained success with the right product, distribution and after sales |
Mountain-e-Bike: flagship position for an entire industry?

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Impulse explores the question of sustainable development for the e-bike market.


The electric bicycle is the success story of e-mobility. The reasons are plain to see: the electric bicycle offers crucial everyday advantages over a normal bicycle.

A pilot study conducted in Germany surveyed pedelec riders and other potential target groups on the subject of electromobility.