Customer focussed innovation management


Innovation finding and innovation management are part of the business standard in many of today’s companies.

Manufacturers very often unnecessarily restrict their innovations to small steps, not daring to introduce momentous innovations or breakthroughs with which to positively surprise the market or even satisfy an existing demand.

Hence the need to explore with the help of suitable methods the different sources available for innovation finding and make them accessible to companies.

Traditional methods of market research quickly prove inadequate when it comes to innovation finding, because research institutes are often required to work with representative samples and thus end up describing the average user.

The average user, however, will rarely articulate trend-setting needs and demands, being too preoccupied with current products and services instead. This is why it is so important for innovation projects to seek collaboration with especially well-qualified and progressive customers (Lead Users), incorporating creative market research tools in the process.

Our customer-centered innovation management involving Lead Users and creative market research tools differs from traditional innovation processes amongst others in terms of the moment when customers are included in the process. Only the earliest possible incorporation of the customer allows for market-oriented innovation management.

Incorporating one’s customers in the quest for innovation is an iterative process during which designs, proto-types, concepts or suchlike are discussed with the customers several times.