The Institute

Impulse is an owner-managed institute with more than 800 research projects under its belt since being founded in 1993.

Thanks to years of experience and substantiated know-how, Impulse can guarantee high standards when it comes to pinpointing the finer details of your research questions, selecting the most efficient methods and defining the right sample for your purposes.
Analytical expertise of the highest order ultimately produces the answers to your questions.

As a responsible market research institute, we are committed to top quality and full compliance with data privacy regulations.


Furthermore, Impulse works according to a number of fundamental principles:

  • In doing what we do, we keep our sights firmly on the satisfaction and success of our clients.
  • We favour ongoing, long-term collaboration to short-term success.
  • We pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients, which is characterised by the utmost loyalty and engagement and forms the basis for mutual trust.
  • In presenting our research results, we focus closely on the actual questions being asked and give you straight answers.
  • We specify which findings are likely to be of lasting relevance and which will increase or decrease in importance as a result of overarching market developments.
  • Our analysis address the hard facts of research. We tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear


Alfred Schmitt

Alfred Schmitt

Managing partner

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Bernd Siegert

Managing partner

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